No matter your challenge, we are here equipped to help you manage various revenue cycle problems.

Our RCM Services

End-To-End RCM Services

No matter your challenge, we are here equipped to help you manage various revenue cycle problems.

Enrollment & Credentialing Services

US24 Healthcare Solutions is expertise in enrollment and provider credentialing services to reduce denials.

Medical Transcription Services

Quality is determined by accuracy and completeness. We at US24 Solutions use best practices.

Medical Coding Services

We’re here to help you provide the best care possible. Let us enhance your coding quality and accuracy, as well as reduce claim denials with our services!

Eligibility Verification Prior Authorization

This reduces patient denials, optimizes the collection, and reduces billing errors.

Charge Entry and Submission Services

We can help you reduce billing errors, optimize collections and patient denials with our Eligibility Verification service.

Payment Posting Services

Make collections effective and increase processing accuracy with US24 Solutions

Accounts Recievable Services

Enhance the effectiveness of collections and improve processing precision with US24 Solutions.

Denial Management Services

No need to kill time for dealing with medical denial claims, focus on delivering the best patient care.

Patients Billing Services

Raise the bar beyond traditional outsourcing. Get focused and experienced staff for patient billing services.

Revenue Cycle Management


Our Innovative use of technology and focus on financial independence saves your money by outsourcing us your Revenue cycle management end to end process. Our best of the best in medical billing can help you find lost revenue, close aged payments, lower your time in AR, and handle collections in an efficient and responsible manner. No matter your challenge, we are here equipped to help you manage various revenue cycle problems.

US24 Healthcare’s team of experts is available to support your revenue cycle management needs. We offer a variety of services including Improving and accelerating reimbursements Interpreting codes, determining diagnosis/treatment options, or identifying inefficiency areas within the healthcare system that may be contributing factors for denials & rejections based on best practices from other organizations operating similar programs with comparable results.

Mentioned below are RCM disciplines we provide services in:

Front End Revenue Cycle

    1. Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management
    2. Eligibility Verification & Prior Authorization
    3. Patient Registration/ Patient Demographics

Mid Revenue Cycle

    1. Charge Entry & Charge Audit
    2. Medical Coding Services
    3. Revenue Integrity
    4. Medical Coding Audit
    5. Clinical Documentation Improvement

Back End Revenue Cycle

    1. Remittance Processing
    2. Accounts Receivable
    3. Denial Management
    4. Credit Balance

Consultative support

    1. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services
    2. Medical Billing Specialists

The results will amaze you





reduction in cost to collect





increase in NPR





increase in patient satisfaction

We are HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule is a set of standards that address how certain organizations (called covered entities) may use and disclose individually identifiable health information (called protected health information or PHI). The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has the authority to enforce the HIPAA Privacy Rule. According to OCR, the Privacy Rule “establishes a foundation of Federal protections for personal health information, carefully balanced to avoid creating unnecessary barriers to the delivery of quality health care.” Just as the exchange of information between health care providers is a key component of good patient care when health care providers appropriately share information with public health authorities, the community and its health care resources can be more resilient.

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