Denial Management


No need to kill time for dealing with medical denial claims, focus on delivering the best patient care.

Denial Management is one of the most important aspects of a healthy Revenue Cycle. Denials are happening on average at 9%, so it’s crucial to ensure that your business has no denying issues and can focus its efforts towards prevention instead.

Healthcare organizations are paid to make people feel better, not run around dealing with insurance companies and tracking down why a claim was denied. leverage US24 Healthcare’s best practices for excellence in your revenue cycle management including the denial management process. Learn insights about deny claims as well as learn how you can avoid denials going forward.

A proven approach:

  • Analysis: Each claim is analyzed and researched by a US24 Healthcare associate to determine the best course of action.
  • Workflow: Prioritize claims based on payer, amount, age of bill, or other business rules to ensure maximum benefits.
  • Prevention: Improve the health of your practice and prevent future denials with suggestions for process improvements.