Patients Billing


Raise the bar beyond traditional outsourcing. Get focused and experienced staff for patient billing services.

Medical Billings may be an important part of your organization’s revenue cycle, but they’re also one area that can suffer from inefficiency. With US24 Healthcare as a resource for top-notch medical billing services across the country and worldwide – you’ll have all the necessary expertise at hand when it comes to managing this critical process.

The Billing Specialist’s responsibilities include:

  • Collecting, posting, and managing account payments, submitting claims, and following up with insurance companies.

  • Review account information to identify trends and opportunities to improve the revenue cycle process

  • Research unresolved and old AR, claim denials, and coding issues (traditional issues such as these are forwarded to the client to resolve)

Act as client liaison, provide status updates and detailed reporting every week, US24 Healthcare’s best practices engine will help you keep your revenue cycle on track. With highly trained billing specialists, we’ll make sure that each step in the process is carried out correctly and with efficiency so there are no flaws or errors along the way.