Enrollment & Credentialing


US24 Healthcare Solutions is expertise in enrollment and provider credentialing services to reduce denials.

US24 Healthcare simplifies the process of getting a provider credentialed with payers. With our Provider Credentialing Services, you can keep your data up-to-date and follow up on any questions or issues in just one place!


The process involves the following steps:

    • Application Evaluation. Completing required documentation and identifying exceptions.
    • Primary Source Documentation. Verify practitioner/ facility information from physicians.
    • Outbound Call Center. Obtain missing documents and update the payer’s database.
    • Follow-up with payers. Follow-up on submitted credentialing requests.
    • Data Entry. Capture data, label, and link images to specific providers/ facilities in the payer’s database.
    • Maintenance of Provider Data. Update provider information as per policies and procedures, and CAHQ profile.


The process involves the following steps:

    • Verification of provider information. Contact payers to determine if they have the correct provider information on file before we submit claims
    • Updating practice’s Pay-to address. Validate and update the provider’s pay-to address or the billing address
    • Enrolling in electronic transactions. Our team can enroll providers for four types of electronic transactions:
    1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    1. Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
    1. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and
    1. CSI
    • Monitoring process. A group of highly skilled team members trained to perform research and analysis on the possible processor functionality gaps.

Why Enrollment and Credentialing Services

    • Avoid junk of paperwork and filling out application forms
    • Building relationships with different payers.
    • Track real-time status of credentialing and enrollment transactions.
    • Process faster payments from insurance and get more patient referrals.
    • Lower the risk of revenue leakage.