Charge Entry and Submission


We can help you reduce billing errors, optimize collections and patient denials with our Eligibility Verification service.

Our charge entry experts are passionate about providing the best service, and we take pride in our ability to do so with high-volume transactions. US24 Healthcare client portal enables smooth communication between teams for an end-to-end seamless process from start to finish.

Consistency in our charge entry transactions:

  • Receive documents in the form of superbills, charge tickets, source documents, etc. through FTP or document management system or client’s system.
  • Capture the date of service, billing provider, referring provider, POS, admission date, CPT/procedure codes, ICD-10, number of units, and modifiers.
  • Using our proprietary tool ARC. Flow, provide real-time reporting to the customer by escalating pending issues for clarification which results in faster turnaround time.
  • Import charges directly from the EMR. These charges are reviewed for accuracy before being sent for billing.


  • Ensure appropriate reimbursement collected
  • Identify and fix compliance issues for charge overages
  • Recover lost charges and avoid delay in processing AR
  • Real-time collaboration and reporting through our client portals
  • Improve productivity and accuracy
  • Competency across multiple specialties
  • Timely filing of claims and benchmarking of fee schedules as well as denial patterns
  • Review of charge entry processes to mitigate revenue leakage by implementing Charge Audits.