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US24 Solutions is a trusted provider of RCM, IT services, and Consulting. We offer cost-effective solutions, including Revenue Cycle Management, Accounting, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Cloud, Web Development, DevOps, and Cyber Security Solutions, all under one roof. Our team of experts will work with you to deliver innovative, agile solutions that drive growth and enhance your operations. Contact us today to learn more.

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US24 At A Glance

At US24 Solutions, we understand that every client is unique, and we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. We Offer end-to-end RCM for Healthcare Industry, Salesforce CRM, Website development, Accounting & Payroll, Cloud Solutions, SEO, 24X7 NOC/SOC Solutions etc.

US24 Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for Health Care which includes:-

We specialize in credentialing, payer enrollment, billing services, insurance clearance, Charge Entry, Charge Master Maintenance, Claim Review, Electronic Claims Generation or CMS 1500/UB04 Generation & Payment Posting.

We can also help you with Backlogs, billing, new credentialing, re-credentialing, payer enrollment, and other credentialing-related needs.

We deliver innovation, agility, and transformation that optimize operations and disrupt markets via technology and process modernization. We provide:-

US24 Solutions is at the forefront of innovation in developing solutions based on the latest technologies for clients.

For more information on US24 Solutions and its services, email or call (+1-309-364-6427).

Why Choose US24 Solutions?

Choose US24 Solutions for comprehensive, cost-effective solutions in RCM, IT services, and consulting. Our team of experts delivers innovative, agile solutions to drive growth and enhance operations, including RCM, accounting, Salesforce CRM, web development, DevOps, and cyber security. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Commitment

  • We strive to be a company that is not just heard, but seen. Our services and products are designed with the customer in mind from the beginning of the design process through production – this ensures we’re providing what you need for your business goals.
  • Our innovative application of accumulated knowledge is what sets us apart from the competition.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our employees, alumni, and the communities in which we live can grow together with us.

Our Values

We are committed to building a culture of excellence and we believe that our values provide the foundation for what it means “to be great.” We focus on delivering customer value by applying expertise, skills with partners to work together.

  • Innovation – Challenge the status quo to develop new-age solutions.
  • Respect – Treat everyone as we would like to be treated.
  • Courage– Never be afraid to do the right things.
  • Fun– Enjoy every moment and make it memorable as we build a great company.
  • Innovation – We are committed to developing new-age solutions.

Automation, Transparency and Scalability

Our revenue cycle services operating model:

  • Delivering superior business outcomes is our goal. We use a unique best practice combination of people, process, technology, and analytics to get the job done.
  • Use top-notch technology to enable business efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Apply knowledge management, workflow, and employee productivity improvement tools.
  • Automate processes with our purpose-built, proprietary robotic process automation.
  • Deploys top-notch people (recruiting, training, and retaining the right people, at scale)

We are HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule is a set of standards that address how certain organizations (called covered entities) may use and disclose individually identifiable health information (called protected health information or PHI). The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has the authority to enforce the HIPAA Privacy Rule. According to OCR, the Privacy Rule “establishes a foundation of Federal protections for personal health information, carefully balanced to avoid creating unnecessary barriers to the delivery of quality health care.” Just as the exchange of information between health care providers is a key component of good patient care when health care providers appropriately share information with public health authorities, the community and its health care resources can be more resilient.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

We know that you’re looking for a way to save money, and we want our innovative approach of outsourcing your revenue cycle management end-to-end process to aid you. No matter what type or size problem is troubling you – from finding lost revenues to end-to-end solutions–we’ve got it handled fast with an efficient and responsible hand. 

Building Trust 

We are the most trusted advisor and partner to protect our customer’s evolving IT infrastructure and cybersecurity needs. We do this by providing highly skilled security professionals, advanced and mature processes, and modern security technology capabilities.


Keep Your Business Secure

US24 SOLUTIONS is a perfect choice when businesses need proven technologies with which to protect their most valuable assets – not just physical facilities but also customer relationships. The team here has over 10+ years of experience working exclusively within these fields so rest assured we will get it the right first time around!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the top technological partner to manage revenue so that our clients and patients can focus on what is most important to them without any hassle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver quality services to our clients as per their demands and exceed their expectations at a cost-efficient price.

We Are ISO Certified Company

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