Payment Posting


Make collections effective and increase processing accuracy with US24 Healthcare Solutions

Payment Posting Services

US24 Healthcare provides remittance processing professionals with the latest trends and reasons for denials, prior authorization of services not covered by your insurance company. They tone-proof your coding processes to make sure you get paid promptly on time!

The team at US24 Healthcare helps take care of all these important details so that when it comes down to collecting payments from patients or employers they can focus more energy on what matters – providing quality healthcare.

We process the following types of remittance transactions with an exceptional degree of accuracy and timeliness:

  • Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) Posting: Remittances are a high volume of payment transactions. The processing involves loading the files into the revenue cycle system, running batch runs by making due corrections on exceptions that can be found within its functionality, and features available to users for inputting data as needed or wanted with only positive results every time.
  • Manual Payment Posting: You’ll be able to accurately pay patients, adjust their accounts for your practice’s business rules along with our team. We provide the necessary tools that allow physicians like yourself maximum control of finances and information assets

Makes sure everything is in order by capturing scanned images from EOB documents which are then posted onto individual patient accounts.

  • Denial Posting: We make sure that your practice is fully compliant with ANSI codes and any other payer-related regulations. We’ll post denied claims into the management system for you, taking actions such as billing secondary agencies or deducting from patient accounts if necessary – all while following industry standards.
  • Posting Patient Payment: To properly close out claims, we have extensive experience in processing payments received from patients. We do this by accounting for patient funds through various channels like POS cash collections or cheques and credit cards (patients’ portals). Our payment professionals then determine how much of any pending balances will be transferred back into secondary insurance providers while also resolving any remaining credits owed on accounts receivable sheets as well.


  • Analytics
  • Develop Policies for write-off and adjustments.
  • Filing Claims with Secondary Payers