Accounts Recievable


Enhance the effectiveness of collections and improve processing precision with US24 Healthcare Solutions.

Accounts Recievable Services

Accounts Receivable is an important piece of the revenue cycle. Leverage time-tested best practices, and a proven process to collect payments that are owed by your customers as quickly as possible so you don’t have any “backlog” or extra work for yourself in regards to this task – it will get handled automatically.


We are a team of professionals who will take care to meet and exceed your accounting needs. Whether you’re an organization focused on medical billing, hospital systems or even healthcare providers we’ve got the skills necessary for success!


Improve your revenue cycle process end-to-end by identifying why AR backlogs happen in the first place – not just treating symptoms blindly and hoping they go away. Go above any reasonable expectation level to create an unforgettable experience for customers who are already satisfied or even exceeding their needs; stop problems before they start!

Practices that make it successful:

  • Best Practice:- US24 Healthcare will analyze your current AR processes to provide a solution that is tailored for the best practices of today, not just yesterday. Benefit from challenging status quo by continuously targeting and measuring areas where you want improvement.
  • Approach:- The revenue cycle is like a well-organized process in that it requires the right approach for optimal performance. The identification and correction of errors can help prevent an accumulation of receivables, fixing this problem before anything goes wrong!
  • Technology:- Our top-notch technology ensures that all of your processes are running smoothly and efficiently. You can monitor tasks, submit reports or request status updates at any time with ease through our sophisticated reporting features.